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Majesty Blake Excerpt

Excerpt from Majesty Blake

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Chapter Eleven

The One Who Wears His Name

     That evening, Majesty heard her parents enter the hut. The night was even more stiflingly hot and muggy than usual. A third person joined them, and the talk became louder, with sometimes heated arguments. Majesty was too distraught to even listen in.
   After a while, her mom and dad spoke in low, hushed tones. There came a soft knock at her door.
   “Come in,” Majesty said, sitting up. Her parents smiled, but she could sense the worry.
   “How are you feeling, Majesty?” Mom asked.
   “Any news about Corkol, Dad?”
   “I’m afraid not, Majesty. Listen, we need...we have to ask you some questions.”
   “Sure, Dad. I just hope we can undo the damage...”
   “Majesty, we’ve just met with military intelligence,” Salla Blake blurted out.
   Majesty tilted her head and cocked an eyebrow.
   “They want to know the extent to which you were... involved...with the Trillis Corkol.”
   “Involved? Why, we were friends. What’s up?”
   Her parents sat on the edge of her bed. Mom took Majesty’s hand. “They’re investigating you for collusion with the enemy.”
   A cold chill settled in the pit of her stomach. “Exactly what does that mean, Mom?”
   “It means,” Salla Blake said, “they believe you were plotting with the enemy in order to damage our position here.”
   “Dad, that’s complete and utter nonsense. Corkol and I were working for peace...”
   Dad shook his head. “It no longer matters what you and I believe. Tomorrow morning, you will be escorted to the main camp and interrogated by military intelligence.”
   “Dad, that can’t happen. I’m no spy!”
   “We will both, of course, accompany you.” He ran a hand through his hair. “We are almost finished here in any case.”
   “You mean you’ve given up?”
   Salla laughed humorlessly. “Not exactly how a diplomat would put it, but in essence you’re right. We’ve failed.”
   “Dad, someone—or something is behind sabotaging these negotiations. I don’t know who or why. But you can’t just give up.”
   “I’m afraid, Majesty, that it’s no longer entirely our decision.”
   “What do you mean?”
   “I mean the military is moving in tomorrow. They’re taking over. They are bringing their own negotiation team to replace us.”
   Majesty stared wide-eyed at her father. She saw in him the utter weariness of utter, complete failure.
   “I’m sorry, Dad.”
   “So am I, Majesty. In the meantime, you are under house arrest.”
   “You’re kidding!”
   “You are not to leave this room, except for necessary duties and then one of us will accompany you.”
   “But why me?”
   “Somebody informed the Trillis exactly how to damage our power relays and they knew exactly where David and Carol lived.”
   “It wasn’t me!”
   “Majesty,” Mom said softly, “honey, we believe you. But what we believe doesn’t matter now.”
   Majesty felt a noose tighten around her neck. The un-known factor, the real enemy, had planned all the moves. It was hopeless.
   “Dad,” Majesty pleaded, “I can’t believe you would turn me over to those military goons!”
   “Majesty,” Sara Blake gasped, “that’s no way to speak to your father!”
   “But Mom, nobody’s listening to me. I’d never let any-body take either of you away. I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t break any laws. But you’d let them take me?” Tears streamed down her cheeks.
   “Honey,” Dad said, soothingly, “the situation is bad enough already. Please don’t make it worse. We know what’s best for you...”
   “You don’t know anything, Dad. You don’t know how bad it is. But I do. I know things you don’t know. And if you’d just listen to me, maybe...”
   “I’m afraid we can’t continue this conversation,” her Mom said. 
   “If you’d just listen!”
   “I’m afraid not, dear. We were ordered to save it for the tribunal in the morning.”
   “But Dad!” Her parents rose and headed toward the door. “Daddy!” She almost screamed. Her father stopped, but didn’t turn back. Mother closed the door and left Majesty to cry out her frustrations.


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